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The Ministry of Truth is tasked with creating educational programs for all citizens to bolster their skills so that the populace can be better equipped against the treachery of Goldstein. These courses are designed and equipped to educate a wide range of skills that are necessary for a stable Oceanic society. Classes are held on a regular basis based on the needs of the citizens.

Records of all classes taken and held are recorded within CORE, otherwise known as the Central Oceanic Record Exchange, and can be utilized to boost job applications and promotions within the party. Skill based classes also provide a boost based on the learning objectives and how well the student preformed.

Victory City University

A typical lecture hall within the institution.

Victory City University (VCU) was established by Josef von Jutland in an effort to provide greater access to the knowledge that the Ministry of Truth provides to the citizens of Oceania. The University also was designed with job training program to help educate the future workforce in specialized fields such as the State Police.

The university features several community based classrooms designed specifically for dedicated lecture environments of critical material and increased student involvement. Addition to these classrooms, are two lecture halls designed to educate larger groups in a more traditional university setting.

The university is currently overseen by Alex Velotta who is the director of education who oversees the development of future course materials.

Class Fee Structure

In order to facilitate proper education the Ministry of Truth has created an equitable fee structure to keep education accessible and affordable to all. These fees incentivize communities to engage in a classroom experience together rather than as individuals. Every class has its own fee associated with it which said fee is then divided across all participating students. There is an extra cost for classes that are attended by oneself as this is considered private tutoring.

  • Private Tutoring (1 Student) - Triple the class fee
  • Small Classroom (2 Students) - Double the class fee