Eastasian Triad

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The Eastasian Triad was a relatively new criminal organization within Oceania. The Triad's business motto was to produce fast, cheap, and easy. Through carefully concealed lines of communication back to Eastasia, the Triad was able to bulk buy large quantities of Drug Manufacturing equipment. Though there were many consequences to using the shoddy craftsmanship of their homeland, they were able to maintain the lead by mass production albeit with no regard for safety or quality. They were also known to harass the various workers around the city, taking handouts to leave them alone only to return later.

Don't let this calm domestic scene fool you, the this Eastasian family was one of the most notorious Triad leaders.

The leadership of the Triad was often clouded in mystery in which a mysterious Vanguard appeared to be the local gang boss. The vanguard unlike Eurasian counterparts did not seem to be bound by any particular honor code and themselves were often involved directly in brutal operations. The Vanguard was personally known for being exceptionally savage towards the enemies of the Triad's goals. One of the most common recruitment tactics of the triad was to steal Eastasian refugee's identification papers so that they would be forced into servitude.

The Chang Family

The Chang family believed to have been the individuals responsible for bringing the Triad to Oceania. The origins start with Ling Chang. Initially the Triad was a petty nuisance, often just harassing and shaking down degenerates. After some time Ling Chang eventually recruited his two sons, Won Chang and Chang Ling Chang. Despite the Triad itself demonstrating a degree of neutrality as a criminal organization, the Chang family was a direct contrast. The Chang family was openly hostile to Oceanic citizens. The Chang family met their end when they badly attempted to attack members of the Ling family as well as outright assassination attempts on several party members. All members of the Chang family were arrested, subject to a public hearing and execution. The death of the Chang family is believed to be the end of the Triad within Oceania.

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