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Largest City Moscow
National Motto Pride of Europe
Official Language Russian
Unofficial Languages German
Ethnic Groups Eurasian 79%
Eastasian 20%
Government Type Dictatorship
Currency Eurasian Token
Legal System Punishment without trial

Eurasia is one of the three super states that remain in the world following the second world war. Eurasia encompasses continental Europe and was conquered using brutal aggressive military tactics. Eurasia was a classic enemy of the great state of Oceania, however, over the years their rivalry has been settled through numerous diplomatic missions that have led to the joint alliance against Eastasia.

Eurasia is known for it's immense poverty and lack of economic opportunity / upward mobility for citizens resulting in high crime rates within its borders. The harsh conditions of Eurasian society leads to many refugees fleeing the oppressive regime in hopes of a better life.

The Eurasian Mafia is one of the many bi-products of the high crime society of Eurasia. The Mafia looked to expand it's influence to Oceania and is responsible for much of Oceania's crime. The mafia gained access to Oceania by posing as legitimate businessmen before establishing a strong presence in Oceanic society.

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