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Server Basic Topics

What are the Rules?

Server Rules

Mounting Games to GMOD

What source games are mounted to the server?

  • Counter Strike Source

Why do I see errors throughout the map?

  1. Ensure you are subscribed to all the content via the steam workshop.
  2. Secondly ensure that you properly install and mount source games such as Counter Strikes Source.

How do I mount CS:S?

  1. Go to your main menu of GMOD.
  2. Find the game controller icon in the bottom right corner of your screen, it will be next to your language and gamemode selection
  3. Ensure that CS:S is checked off. If there is a RED X, then it isn't properly installed / steam doesn't see the install.

Why are the player models T-Posing?

Ensure you are subscribed to all the content via the steam workshop.

IT has been reported that older versions of 'Enhanced Citizens' script conflict with the most recent one our server uses. If this isn't an issue try disabling addons and only enabling server content. T-Posing is a client side error. Feel free to contact a staff member to assist you.

Some car models look weird and do not render properly.

This has to do with how GMOD renders some of the more detailed models, in order to properly see it go into your settings and set model detail to high. This will allow you to correctly see the cars.

Note this may require a restart of gmod

If I don’t like the existing world props / decorations can I change them?

If you feel that world props / map decorations of a given area are not to your liking you may make a request to staff members / community management to redecorate the area. If granted the ability will be temporarily given, all changes are subject to the discretion & approval of staff.

The MOTD and other web popups in game are greyed out and do not load.

The 32 bit version of gmod (default) has known issues with ability to load pages with (ssl.) As such to remedy this, one just has to load gmod in the 64 bit version located in the launch settings.

SSL which is the bare minimum / standard level of security most reputable sites have.

  1. .) GO to your steam library and find Garry’s Mod
  1. .) Right click on Garry’s Mod and click properties
  1. .) Under the beta’s section at the top, select the chromium 64 bit binary.

Please note when you launch the game ensure to select the 64 bit binary option

I am stuck in permanent crouch

This is crouch lock, SHIFT + ALT will toggle it.

Why do I crash when I shoot cars?

Type into console

r_drawmodeldecals: 0

When this value is set to one it can cause some games to crash when trying to render the shooting. This has to do with how SGM car models are rendered by the game.

Basic controls as well as the menu to alter them.

What are the controls for cars & can I change them?

The controls for vehicles vary from client to client, however, they can be viewed and changed by using the garry's mod client console (~) and then typing vcmod in console to open the VCMOD menu. You can change the controls from here as well as other client settings regarding vehicles.

  • To Apply a Seatbelt : K
  • To Turn On/Off Engine : G

Is Third Person Allowed?

Third person is an option in the client settings of helix. Use the tab menu and then refer to the 'settings' button.

Is Voice Chat Allowed?

Yes, we are not an exclusively a text based roleplay community since there are situations which make text based rp difficult such as pursuing someone ordering them to stop. Most people use text chat regardless. Abuse of voice or text chats is against the rules.

What is the stance on PAC3 outfits?

PAC3 is a powerful tool for customization, our community uses it at a simplistic level to allow people to wear hats or have extra components to their outfits. If one has a custom outfit they wish to have be added it is subject to review by community management to ensure that it does not disrupt the lore and that it is otherwise appropriate. If it is added it will be added to the server for all to have access to / purchase.

If one wants a unique PAC3 outfit exclusive to them please see our community supporter packages.

How do keypads work?

Keypads have been placed throughout government buildings to promote increased security. Anyone who is Outer Party status or higher is eligible to get an access card which is non transferable. Each access card is programmed to allow entry into areas of that person's access level and is revoked upon loss of party status.

It should be noted that some keypads are susceptible to being 'cracked' by the appropriate tool and that most doors with a keypad are resistant to lockpick attempts.

Why can't I shoot or see my gun?

Ensure you have typed /toggleraise each time you pull the weapon out, weapons must be raised in order to fire them.

What ammo does my gun take?

The ammo type is listed in the description of the gun as well as after the gun is selected and you hold 'C'

What Items & Entities Are Saved On Disconnect / Restart?

All items that have a description when hovered over can be picked up will be saved wherever they are stored; character inventory, dropped on the map or a storage bin. These items will persist across disconnects and server restarts.

Entities that exist without description are cleared on server restart, however should remain after disconnect.

All these items / entities may be stolen by other players, the Ministry of Plenty offers safe deposit boxes for rent.

Why am I assigned probationary status?

Probationary status is assigned to people automatically if they receive two or more warnings in a few hours period. It also be assigned to a player by staff if they feel that a user is in need of restriction to prevent potential abuse. Probationary status players receive a penalty when it comes to many in game components to include only having (1) character slot.

Probationary status is not permanent, and, overtime with proper roleplay staff will reverse the status.

What is the policy on glitches & exploits?

The use of a glitch or exploit such as ones pertaining to sit anywhere script are punishable by permanent ban from the community.

Glitches, exploits and other issues are encouraged to be reported so they can be patched (if possible.)

Roleplay Related Topics

How do I make money?

In an open ended, serious rp style community while there are countless ways to make money, some methods require input capital or skill to obtain. However, being a rp server this does not stop someone from using their imagination to develop a plot to make money on their own through character on character interaction.

Criminal may profit in the short term....

Beginner Money Schemes

Intermediate Money Schemes

Advance Money Schemes

  • Manufacturing Meth
  • Gunsmithing / Firearms Manufacture
  • Advance criminal enterprise i.e protection rackets, kidnapping
  • Forming a criminal organization
  • Creating a company / business
  • Own a business i.e restaurant, store

What are some useful commands to know?

  • /doorbuy - Buys a door that is for sale outside of the MiniPlenty Property System
  • /doorsell - Sells a door that is owned outside of the MiniPlenty Property System
  • /introduce - Introduces yourself to nearby people and allows them to recognize you.
  • /showid - presents your ID information to nearby people
  • /dropoceanicdollars <amount> - Drops the specified amount of currency on the ground.
  • /giveoceanicdollars <amount> - Gives the specified amount of currency to the person you are looking
  • /act<action> - Preforms a specific animation to enhance roleplay
  • /r <message> - Talks into radio via text message.
  • /me <description> - Used to describe roleplay context / personal action
  • /y <message> - Used to yell to nearby players. (Longer range)
  • /w <message> - Used to whisper to nearby players (Short range)
  • /looc <message> - Used for local out of character messages
  • /ooc <message> or // <message> - Used for Out of Character messages server wide.
  • /toggleraise - Raises/lowers a weapon you've selected. (Weapons by default start lowered when selected)

Where are all the jobs?

Serious Roleplay unlike DarkRP derivatives do not rely on a structured job for each function, meaning there isn't a need for hundred plus jobs. Instead it up to the player to decide their place in society.

Proles themselves function like society's manual labor force hence the 'laborer' class. Proles are an open ended faction of possibility and are allowed to resort to crime unlike darkrp one would need a proper criminal class. This gives player tremendous flexibility in terms of their personal roleplay style. More defined jobs does not increase realism or quality of roleplay but rather pigeon holes players into limited abilities based on overly specific rules for each job.

Government positions and their job descriptions are located under Outer Party.

How many character slots do I get?

New players get (2) slots by default, however, by joining our discord community people will receive member status which will earn an additional two slots for a total of (4) character slots.

Do I have to stay as one character?

No you don't, feel free to use ALT characters who may be entirely unrelated. I.e one character is a cop, one is a drug lord. The only stipulation is that you cannot transfer 'knowledge/awareness', money or items between alts. They must be entirely separate in that regard.

Where do I buy/sell items?

One must locate a player who may have the item that is desired OR locate an appropriate NPC vendor. There are several NPC vendors that sell a variety of items, each with it's own caveat. Most items can be bought and sold at each corresponding vendor.

  • For cheapest food, visit the Ministry of Plenty for rations OR the Prole Mart grocery store off of Broadway.
  • For weapons one can buy ammo from the gun store, however, to buy and sell more advance weapons one must find the traveling dealer who tends to hide out of view of telescreens.
  • The hardware store carries several tools but for specialty items you have to visit the specialty store. Hardware stores are a place to buy & sell basic crafting items.
  • Full list of stores located here.

What are the Factions ?

Inner Party : Exclusive group for the leadership of Oceania. Chancellor of INGSOC is community elected and then appoints a cabinet of bureaucrats to oversee each ministry. This faction runs the government from the shadows of bureaucracy.

Outer Party : This group is for all character's who have low level government jobs. These jobs are basic government service roles such as Bus Drivers and Ministry Clerks.

Proles: This is a default faction that all players have access to. Proles represent the bulk of society and are mostly made up of common laborers.

Ministry of Love State Police : The primary law enforcement agency within Oceania tasked with upholding everyday law and order.

Organized crime families are no longer formal factions but rather encouraged to be formed at the individual character level.

How are civil fines & tickets paid?

All fines, surcharges and tickets are to be paid within seven days of issue and can be paid at the Ministry of Plenty when Ministry staff are present. Failure to pay within seven days of issue will incur a surcharge. All fines, surcharges and tickets not resolved within fourteen days will result in criminal penalty as described in OGL Chapter IV Section IV

Central Oceanic Records Exchange

Why are the criminal punishments so long?

We use time distortion as a method of giving a realistic roleplay experience whilst not unfairly punishing a player. As such essentially for every real life day it equates to one year. Life sentences are considered 60 - 90 real life days and are reserved more for heinous offenses. For smaller sentences it is important to note that one real life hour is 2 months of punishment time.

This is done for elements of realism and to discourage disproportionate criminality which often leads to more chaos than proper roleplay.

What am I supposed to do during my punishment?

While you are welcome to roleplay as an inmate during your punishment, interact with others in lockup, participate in rehabilitative programs and or attend court hearings you are also free to create or utilize other characters.

Can I shorten my punishment?

Most criminal sentences can be significantly reduced if a player chooses to engage in a rehabilitative course. Individuals participate in group activities, one on one counseling and a work study program. This program is only available if a counselor is working and available for patients.

Punishments may also be shortened by appearing before a court hearing before a Magistrate. These hearings periodically happen and can be scheduled for a general trial or appeal to an offense.

Are there ever court cases?

Yes, some crimes are deferred to the INGSOC People's Court for adjudication by the Inner Party or appointed Magistrate. These cases are usually selected for review and not guaranteed. Court Cases may also review existing criminal appellate cases.

How do I become a INGSOC party member? (Inner / Outer Party)

Inner Party members are appointed to their positions by the Chancellor of INGSOC and usually comprises the bureaucrats that manage each of the ministries. Chancellor is elected by an in character community vote. These positions are open to any ACTIVE community member & player.

Outer Party is easier to achieve and comprises civic workers and police officers. Vacancies can be found on discord as well as inquiries to the corresponding ministry. Each ministry bureaucrat is allowed to create their own hiring process for the jobs within their ministries. Most Outer Party jobs require a background check and an interview. This entire process is done in character.

How do I join the Ministry of Love State Police?

Ensure your character meets the minimum employment requirements.

Upon posting a vacancy one may inquire directly with the State Police. A general hiring process is :

  1. Initial Inquiry
  2. Background Interview (Be aware of the fee)
  3. Firearm Qualification
  4. Oral Board Interview
  5. Training
  6. Formal Appointment

How do I become part of the Thought Police?

The Thought Police is a secretive organization part of the Ministry of Love. To be eligible one must be a fanatical devotee of INGSOC / Big Brother / Oceania with no criminal background or known association. The selection & hiring process is classified.

A sample of cars available to use.

How do I buy a car?

Cars can be bought at the Ministry of Plenty located on Commerce Street. Once inside follow signs for Victory Motors and look for the NPC vendor.

Drivers must be licensed and cars registered to an operator under Oceanic Law.

How do I fix my vehicle?

Vehicles may be fixed by players by purchasing parts required from an NPC vendor (Hardware Store) or by utilizing the NPC mechanic. As a matter of last resort players may also utilize the Valet System which will automatically fix your car however will render your vehicle unavailable for a period of time and will be the most expensive method of repair.

How do property ownership / rentals work?

The server utilizes a method of 'realistic' property persistence for property ownership on the server which essentially allows players and characters to make a home or a location truly there own. While properties are not for purchase for indefinite ownership, the property may be rented indefinitely through the weekly rental system. Each property has its own key that gives the character who holds the key access to the building, if the key is lost or transferred the player then looses access to that property.

To rent one of these persistent properties it is done in character through the Ministry of Plenty. Available properties can be inquired through the representative by an RP interaction. Properties can have additional items and equipment purchased and placed on the property through the MiniPlenty such as crafting and mining equipment.

There are a few properties, mostly backrooms of stores that exist outside the MiniPlenty property rental system.

How do I add people as co-owner?

MiniPlenty Property Rentals : Speak to a MiniPlenty representative and have the person's name added to the lease as well as pay for duplicate keys to be made to give them access to the area.

Non-MiniPlenty Rentals Look at a door and press F2, this will open a menu in which you can choose from connected players and mark them as a guest or tenant which will give them access to open and close the door.

How does New Life Rule work?

Our server explicitly prohibits revenge killings or acts. When you die, your character will be unplayable/unavailable pending deletion, if you feel it was a wrongful death it may be appealed to staff. Even with a successful appeal or any post death respawn shall count as a medical revival in which the character will maintain the same general back story BUT will have amnesia of all wrongs done to them.

Why is my character unavailable?

There is permadeath within the server, when a character dies it is banned from being used. Please note characters are not deleted until such request is made in writing via chat or discord to staff as to prevent accidental deletion.

I died, can my character be revived?

A character may be revived if :

  • A rule violation / failure of roleplay of one person causes the death of another innocent third party.
  • Death occurred while a person was documented as being afk . (Announced in OOC)
  • It is determined by the staff members reviewing the case that revival would be necessary for RP
  • A revive is purchase through our donation page.

Free revives are not granted for prop related deaths associated with mining / oil / meth or other scripts. People die in these professions frequently and it is important to exercise safety precautions (i.e correct use of the equipment) and ensuring first aid kits & bandages are available. These deaths are not glitches, it is how Garry's Mod physics work it is advised to handle these items with care.

What is the purpose of Perma-Death?

Perma-Death coupled with limited characters lots which can't be cleared on a moments notice is intended to tie a player to their characters and create a sense of realism. While many servers rely on lengthy rules and FearRP clauses, we find that creating organic FearRP is the best method to go about this. People who invest their time in effort into growing their character will naturally be more cautious and less prone to acts that could result in their death. At the end of the day is the players choice on how to respond to things such as muggings.

This also creates accountability as those who commit crimes are more likely to surrender and submit to punishment from police rather than get involved in 'nothing to loose' shootouts in which if they kill cops they can escape or if they die then they get to be subject to NLR.

Additionally with new players who are not as invested in their characters, they have a vested interest as if all the characters afforded to them die, they cannot play until such time that the deaths are reset (usually 24-48 hours.) While this may seem unduly harsh, it actually promotes a degree of fear even in new characters as well as a check and balance to limit the ability of disruptive, violence first mindset.

With our adaptation of perma-death server deathmatching is essentially non-existent.

How do I delete a character?

One can delete their character by making a request in writing to staff via chat or discord. The character will be deleted within 24-48 hours to prevent accidental deletion and multiple character abuse.

Why are there so many bodies around?

Bodies persist for a period of time after someone dies, it is possible to search / loot the corpse for items.

How does one vote in elections?

Voting is done in person at the Ministry building or otherwise specified place by INGSOC. During such time each qualified character is entitled to vote (meaning if you have multiple characters each one is allowed to vote.) Ballots are pieces of paper that are filled out using the template found on discord provided the day of election. Ballots are then turned over to the worker who verifies the information and submits the ballot to the ballot box.

A lecture hall for Victory City University

Proles may only vote in primary elections and are not qualified to vote in main election events.

Where can I learn more about RP matters?

While this wiki/guide has a tremendous wealth of knowledge one may also attend a Victory City University course.

Are There In Character Databases for Criminal Records?

Yes, we have a database that features: Driver's License & Registration, Firearm Permits, Citations, Arrest History, General Reports, Evidence Forms. Some of these records are public while others are for authorized users only.


How Are Savings Accounts Maintained?

The Ministry of Plenty utilizes the Central Oceanic Records Exchange but maintains a separate set of databases to pertain to matters of finances. More information can be learned about this here.


What happened to the role of Minister / Who runs each Ministry?

We have transformed how the party structure to be more lore friendly while maintaining the spirit of allowing players to influence the direction of the role-play universe. It was not proper to have a leader of oceania since this created confusion between who Big Brother is and who the true legitimate leader of Oceania was. So the role of leader of Oceania was replaced with INGSOC Party Chancellor. This role essentially has all the same responsibilities as before but is more logical given the existence of elections in an authoritarian government.

Ministers were rebranded as generic bureaucrats because it seemed to break the lore in the sense of individual accomplishments and the idea of a single individual controlling each branch of government. This of course makes things awkward to explain away when a minister needs to be removed or dies. To keep the spirit of allowing players to control the idea of implementing generic bureaucrats was instituted. While bureaucrats would still be assigned a ministry, they could be assigned multiple ministries to oversee or a ministry may have multiple bureaucrats assigned to it. This is much more lore friendly as these individuals become much more faceless and do not detract from Big Brother and can vanish if need be.

What happened to the Mafia/Triad

Organized crime is not forbidden, it is just be directed to player control. Upon examination the idea of having factions for the crime families was not really proper because it led to some meta gaming potentially and it was more based in DarkRP philosophy.

Crime families and organizations are now 100% placed into the power of players to form amongst themselves while playing on the server whereas before it was very staff oriented screening. Discord tags and chat spaces will be given to groups with at least four members.

The goal of this is to give more freedom to players to form, join and collaborate without being bond by staff created stories. Each player created organization can have their own background, goals, recruiting tactics, honor code et cetera.

Community Related Topics

How is OrwellRP different than other serious RP communities?

Where we stand out is that as a community we may be a serious RP server but we do not believe in the excess of tedious rules that seems to dominate the genre. These rules make roleplay regulated down to a each rule subsection which detracts from spontaneity and fun. We believe that roleplay should be organic.

You will find that in order to advance factions / party status we don't require essays to be written, we just ask that people remain active members and engage in our community. Unlike some communities we allow any active member to run for leadership or be appointed to the governmental roles.

Lastly our community believes in developing a drama free toxic free environment focused on gaming. Unfortunately drama and toxic communities tend to be a hallmark of garry's mod. While we realize that some people will inherently not get along, we demand a culture of respect and have zero tolerance on abusive behaviors.

How do I become a member?

Membership is given to active players and contributors on our discord server.

What are the benefits of being a member?

To name a few:

  • Four character slots (default 2)
  • Ability to participate in community polls
  • Ability to run for Chancellor of INGSOC
  • Ability to be appointed Inner Party
  • The right to due process should any matter of discipline arise.
  • Greater influence on new features and changes to the server.
  • In game bonuses to include but not limited to increased profit from sale of drugs
  • Member only upgrades for oil drilling system.

How do I apply to be a staff member?

Staff positions are awarded to active community members & players on the server. To be eligible a player must show genuine interest in the development of the community, knowledge of the rules and roleplay concepts. Staff is earned and not given.

How do I report abusive staff member / admin abuse?

To report staff abuse one may file such report on the community forum disciplinary section or file a discreet complaint email to Jut@orwellrp.com pursuant to the Policy on Staff

Do you sell or share my personal information?

We do not share or sell information with third parties. For more information please view our: Privacy Policy
Terms of Service Policy

Why aren't Google Docs Used?

We strongly believe that google docs is an inferior system to our in game databases from the stand point of pure functionality i.e the ability to cross reference records as well as huge privacy implications. Google Docs also has the potential to reveal personal identifiable information to third parties which would violate our privacy policies. Our in game databases for those who have accounts have zero personal identifiable information only in game character names and unique password policy.

Our databases also have a changelog that displays the progression of a record which is great for accountability purposes as well as those who enjoy passive record keeping style roleplay.