Inner Party

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The Inner Party is the epitome of an INGSOC party member, these are the purest most loyal followers of the Oceanic values. Many people strive to rise to the status level of Inner Party but often only obtain Outer Party status. Whereas the Outer Party represents the government workers, the Inner Party represents the leadership of INGSOC and Oceania.

The Ministry building located in Victory City Southside.

Obtaining Inner Party Status

A person may become part of the Inner Party by working hard and embracing Oceanic values and being an active productive citizen. A citizen must first obtain Outer Party status and faithfully serve Big Brother and be an active contributor to society. Inner Party members are selected by the Chancellor of INGSOC and are appointed to serve as ministry bureaucrats, advisors and cabinet members. Inner Party bureaucrats may be appointed to oversee one or more ministry or may be assigned to oversee a ministry with several other bureaucrats. The exact nature and structure is at the discretion of the incumbent Chancellor.

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