Ministry of Peace

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Peace is the ultimate goal of our people, it requires tremendous sacrifice. The Oceanic Defense Force is the primary peacekeeping force that protects the great state of Oceania. The Ministry is overseen by an Inner Party Bureaucrat who is appointed by the INGSOC Party Chancellor. War is an ugly thing, but it is a necessary thing to preserve the glory that is Oceania. After the ugly history with the previous armed forces, Oceania created a Ministry to put an end to offensive and unnecessary war. Big Brother determined that a new organization needed to be developed to focus on the defense of the Oceanic people. This organization's goal was to preserve peace, and thus the Oceanic Defense Force was founded, to uphold Big Brother's promise to the people that peace and security for the citizens of Oceania should be the ultimate goal.

Our brave forces fighting to defend our territorial waters.

The Ministry of Peace is located on the sixth floor of the Ministry building. The space contains several offices for the administration of the war effort as well as overseeing domestic war production.

Enlistment in the Oceanic Defense Force

Citizens are welcome to enlist in the Oceanic Defense Force to fight and defend our humble nation from the evil oppressors of the world! Take the fight against Goldstein off our peaceful streets and to the foreign lands of oppression. To enlist contact the Ministry of Peace's office for the proper paperwork. All are welcome, even those with extensive records with our beloved law enforcement agencies! Enlistment last two to three weeks and while most of our troops are able to return home untouched by the evils of war, some make the ultimate sacrifice regrettably.

Benefits of Enlisting

  • Service Check provided by the Ministry of Plenty for those who serve at least 3 weeks.
  • Training and conditioning to improve your physical attributes and skills.
  • Priority processing for license to carry (revocable for misconduct )
  • First priority for any outer party job and promotion.
An alert soldier who fights for peace on behalf of Oceania.

Ministry of Peace Bureaucrat

Ministry of Peace assigned bureaucrats are often known for their workload pertaining to matters such as:

  • Manage the war for peace and enlistment of Defense Force Soldiers
  • Manage war planning and tactics
  • Create domestic war production quotas to support the effort.

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