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Flag of Oceania.jpgMapoceania.png
Largest City Victory City
National Motto In Big Brother We Trust
Official Language Newspeak
Unofficial Languages Oldspeak
Ethnic Groups Oceanic 75%
Eurasian 20%
Eastasian 5%
Government Type Socialist Utopia
Political Party INGSOC
INGSOC Party Chancellor Josef von Jutland
Governing Officials Ministry of Love Bureaucrat Jameson Cruthers
Ministry of Peace Bureaucrat James Borgia
Ministry of Plenty Bureaucrat Maya Geoffrey
Ministry of Truth Bureaucrat James Borgia
Currency Oceanic Dollar ($)

Oceania is a superstate comprised of many territories under the great leadership of our benevolent Big Brother who lead the great revolution.

The Chancellor of INGSOC guides Oceania through the Inner Party, comprised of the Ministry of Love, the Ministry of Peace, the Ministry of Truth, and the Ministry of Plenty. The ruling doctrine of Oceania is INGSOC, Newspeak for English Socialism.

According to written history, Oceania has always existed. From the time of the colonization of North America to the colonization of the Austroasia, the state has always been. Not always as the great state we see today, but through turmoil and triumph we have persevered. INGSOC was brought forth by the omniscient Big Brother, fashioned by taking the successes of other ideologies and formulating a more perfect system. Predominantly featured is the function of the common worker, and their contribution to a well oiled machine. Without the worker, the system fails; for they are the biggest cog in society.

Oceania's greatness does not go unnoticed by the remaining superstates, many of whom have aggressively fought Oceania since the inception. Oceania as a result has had to fight several long wars to ensure a quality of life and safety for it's citizens.

This quality of life is unparalleled and as a result Oceania attracts many refugees from Eurasia and Eastasia.

Treachery of Goldstein

Goldstein the true focus of our hatred as a society was once a figure of the revolution that liberated the Oceanic people. However, he sought to undermine the utopia that was built under Big Brother and install an autocratic state in which he would be the sole leader thus dismantling the party structure. His political terrorism has extended to specific attacks to include assaulting civilian organizations and ministries, rallying Oceania's foreign enemies against them as well as occasional acts of sabotage.

Goldstein the definition of pure evil will always be Oceania's truest enemy and should always be the focus of hate for his goal directly contradicts the quality of life that was established here in Oceania.

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