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Bureaucratic occupations such as Library Clerks and other government services represent the Outer Party.

The Outer Party represents the segment of trusted workers of Oceania who have occupations that provide governmental services to the people of Oceania. Outer Party members work government positions for agencies or ministries. These front-line occupations are a great way for workers to be recognized and eventually be promoted to the Inner Party; Outer Party members are the subject of scrutiny and must be loyal to INGSOC, Oceania and Big Brother. Outer Party members are held to a higher standard of societal conduct than the average prole.

Pay rates are established by the Ministry of Plenty.

Obtaining Outer Party Status

Outer Party status is reserved for active citizens that are productive members of society. These citizens must have a fierce unwavering loyalty to INGSOC and Big Brother, but, must also have a skill that makes them suitable to preform a job that is assigned to them. Outer Party status is assigned to those who preform a job that is actively employed by the government. Generally speaking this opportunity is available to most citizens, however, may be revoked if there is criminality linked to that individual. Repeated interactions with the criminal justice system will result in the loss of party status until such time one is deemed acceptable to be brought back into the graces of the party.

Obtaining these jobs starts with an interview with an employment counselor in which a brief interview determines a person's suitability for becoming part of the party. A background check is preformed by the state police to ensure that no dangerous criminals and Goldstein sympathizers are allowed to infiltrate the ranks of the party. Depending on the availability of positions and the needs of the state, the applicant will be assigned a position.

Integrity is choosing one's thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain.

Official Positions

Positions listed here are to be used for informational purposes only, it does not guarantee availability of said position or ability to be appointed to that role. For questions concerning occupational availability speak directly to a representative of that ministry. All positions require an employment screening with a specially trained MiniPlenty representative to determine suitability employment.

Ministry of Love:

Clerk : Preform passive record keeping for the department of state police to include CJIS entries, evidence logging and other paperwork that is required. Ministry of Love clerks may also act as a public safety dispatcher on the radio. Entry Level (Grade II/III)

Magistrate A magistrate is a local judge who rules on routine cases and appeals. Tasked with interpreting Oceanic law and how it pertains to the citizens who violate it. (Grade VIII / IX / X)

Police Recruit : Recruits are tasked with learning policy and procedures of the State Police as well as observing how said policy is utilized in enforcement actions in the field. Entry Level (Grade I)

State Police Patrolman : Patrol & Enforce laws of Oceania. Patrolmen are assigned a cruiser for use to patrol the city and detect and deter criminal activity. Patrolmen are expected to respond to critical incidents with haste and professionalism.(Grade IV)

State Police Detective : Trained and qualified in conducting police investigations from violent crime investigations to uncovering plots and criminal enterprises. These are selected from qualified patrolmen. (Grade VI)

State Police Sergeant : Supervise, Patrol & Enforce laws of Oceania. Sergeants are usually assigned a sector to oversee as an area supervisor. They are to respond to incidents to assist officers and provide clarification on procedure as needed. (Grade VI)

State Police Lieutenant : Supervise, Patrol & Enforce laws of Oceania. Lieutenant is mostly an administrative post however oversees patrol as a whole. Lieutenants process paperwork, evidence and keep the precinct running.(Grade VIII)

State Police Captain : Command the State Police Precinct, attend meetings and increase the performance of the State Police to enhance the quality of life within Oceania. Captains are largely an administrative role within the police department. (Grade X)

Ministry of Truth

Educator : Tasked with educating the populace on matters deemed important to the party, Education Professionals are encouraged to assist new citizens to Victory City. Entry Level (Grade IV / V / VI / VII)

Civictorium Director: Supervises and manages the Civictoriums and the spaces within it to ensure that the building serves the people of Oceania. Civictorium Director also supervises the education programs of Victory City University and develops programs for the betterment of citizens. (Grade X)

Reporter : Tasked with gathering stories for the Times. Directly interviews and gathers information to be put into the report. Entry Level (Grade II / III / IV / V)

Writer : Tasked with writing novels, short stories and history books as well as any other literature that is deemed important by the Ministry of Truth bureaucrats Entry Level (Grade II / III / IV / V)

Event Coordinator : Tasked with planning and overseeing special state events, rallies and holidays. They must work with other ministries to ensure the events are to the standard of INGSOC. (Grade V / VI / VII )

Communications Coordinator : Tasked with broadcasting major announcements, supervising lower level staff and overseeing the library. Communications Coordinators also revise and edit all literature prior to publication. (Grade VII / VIII / IX )

Ministry of Plenty

Teller : Work at the Ministry of Plenty front desk and assist patrons with services that the Ministry of Plenty officers to include safe deposits and savings accounts. Is allowed to leave the building provided they respond to being paged. A basic understanding of math is required. Entry Level (Grade III / IV / V)

Transit Operator : Drive the local public and free bus service for Victory City. Pickup passengers and bring them to areas around the city of their choosing. Entry Level (Grade I / II / III)

Auditor : Investigate citizens for possible financial discrepancies. Auditors are also responsible for supervising tellers and looking for discrepancies within the Ministry of Plenty staff or services. A strong understanding of financial database and math is a requirement. (Grade VI / VII / VIII)

Employment Counselor: Assist individuals who are seeking employment and conduct employment screenings of those wishing to enter the Outer Party. Employment coordinators are responsible for conducting interviews and follow ups on workers. Entry Level (Grade II / III / IV)

Medical Provider : A trained professional who oversees medical treatment of citizens as well as the training standards of the medical response volunteers. Medical providers also do routine care and checkups of citizens. (Grade IV / V / VI)

Medical Response Volunteer : A member of the outer party who agrees to assist in medical emergencies and to be on call to aid citizens in need of emergent care. Medical response volunteers are trained in first aid and are given a slight pay boost in their existing roles.

Ministry of Peace

War Planner : Generate plans and reports pertaining to the battlefields, coordinate logistics for the military forces. War planners are expected to be on top of the latest developments in the war and report directly to Ministry of Peace leadership. They may also be expected to share approved information with the Ministry of Truth for purpose of publication in the Times as well as oversee domestic war production.Entry Level (Grade V / VI)

Victory Community Liaison: Tasked with overseeing production quotas and other matters pertaining to Victory Communities. They are also tasked with overseeing the running and security of the joycamp and anyone within that jurisdiction. Entry Level Grade(II / III / IV / V / VI)

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